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Fully Automatic Sachet blister tube coffee box packaging horizontal cartoning machine

As a light, electric, pneumatic and machinery integration, ST 120 has improved its performance and working efficiency. The equipment can carton products quickly and keep them stable and reliable even in high-speed operation.
Such cartoning machines can carton bottles (round or flat). Its working process consists of bottle sorting and conveying, leaflet conveying and folding (1-4 folds), leaflet detecting, carton forming and conveying, products cartoning, batch number embossing, and mechanical carton sealing (or with hot melting glue), rejecting and end product discharging.

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Product Information:

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Feature of automatic cartoning machine
1)PLC control system, frequency converter, and other electrical components are all outsourced from international brands.
2)The equipment adopts an HMI operation system.
3)The equipment stops automatically when it is overloaded.
4)Cartons without products or leaflets will be rejected.
5)The equipment can display errors, alarm, and count end products.
6)The equipment works stably and can be operated easily.
Automatic cartoning machine
Cartoning speed
30-120 cartons/min
Dimensions (L*W*H)
(70-180)mm *(35-85)mm *(14-50)mm
Leaflet (option)
60-70 g/m2
Size (L*W)
(80-250)mm *(90-170)mm
1-4 folds
Compressed air
≥ 0.6MPa
Power supply
220V (380V), 50Hz
Main motor power
0.75 kw
Machine dimensions(L*W*H)
Net weight
about 1400 Kg


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