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High Speed Box Packing Automatic Feeding Blister Plate Cartoning Machine

ST-100 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine is a light, electricity, gas, machine integration, high-tech products. For blister forming capsules, tablets, take-away aluminum-plastic blister packaging boards and similar articles of automatic Cartoning. Course of their work for the drug board or items to send (once one accounts for multi-board panel adjustable); drug manual transmission (which can be 1-4 fold automatic folding set stack); carton and send automatic distraction, the drug board associated folded into cartons at the same time, within specification; and complete the auto-play lot, sealed at both ends of the tongue of paper packaging and other complicated process. Overall machine used in all high-quality stainless steel casing, Face by plexiglass windows and doors closed in strict accordance with the pharmaceutical industry “GMP” standard trekking innovative design. Transmission part of the design of the overload protection function, and set the emergency stop device, control system uses the human-computer interface screen, and to protect the personal safety of the operator.

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Product Information:

Additional information

1.Machine Description

This is a machine with a intermittent motion system, using the side loading function, designed for products of a different type (eg. boxes containing various bags of bulk products…) and is used in the food, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
The functional principle of this machine is to move a product or group of products into the formed box from the side. The box is then closed and sealed by using a hot melt adhesive or mechanical locks.

2. Features

1) Famous brand of electrical components, such as Weinview PLC touch screen, SICK photosensor, Omron encoder, etc.
2) Automatically reject lacking package product, stop when lacking box.
3) Stable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance.
4) Less mechanical parts and lower operating noises.
5) Self-diagnosis failure function, machine error can be clearly displayed.

Automatic cartoning machine
Cartoning speed
30-120 cartons/min
Dimensions (L*W*H)
(70-180)mm *(35-85)mm *(14-50)mm
Leaflet (option)
60-70 g/m2
Size (L*W)
(80-250)mm *(90-170)mm
1-4 folds
Compressed air
≥ 0.6MPa
Power supply
220V (380V), 50Hz
Main motor power
0.75 kw
Machine dimensions(L*W*H)
Net weight
about 1400 Kg



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