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Automatic Box Packing Machine for Tea Packing Box Cartoning Machine

Fully Automatic Coffe, tea, Nutrition powder Vertical packing machine Multi-row packing machine sorting machine and cartoning machine automatic packing line 

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Product Information:

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 Suitable for biscuit, cookies, Corn flakes, soap, bread, steak, wet tissues, cotton pads, nitrile gloves, shoe covers, candy, plastic bottles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicine bottles, cosmetic tubes, etc.

Whole line do the flow packing machine pcking in three side sealing bags each unit first , then throught sorting machine to automatic arrange into the multi-packing machine, then through the pusher push to cartoning machine go for sealing .

1,The contact material is 304 stainless steel, and the factory equipment standard meets the EU CE certificatio requirements.
2,The computer controller is the first patented product in China, an advanced frequency converter, and supports multi-language control.
3,The way put into the box,Adopt parallel to pull the material into the box,avoid equipment vibration and make the packaging faster and more stable.
4,Convenient adjustment device, Using vertical screw and hand wheel,Adjusting the thickness of the carton can be completed in 3 seconds, and the operation is simple.
5,Box sealing device,Using an eccentric wheel to pull the box sealing device, the machine has a low operating volume and a fast sealing speed.

Machine model
Packing speed
30~100 boxes/min
Max size of paper box
200*130*60mm (L*W*H)
Min size of paper box 
70*40*130mm (L*W*H)
Power 3.6Kw
Machine size 4350*1400*1800mm
Machine weight 1000KG
Package Style Fold type or glue type carton box

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