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Automatic horizontal cartoning machine for Hardware wrench box package

1.It is mainly suitable for paper boxes made of corrugated paper, white board paper, gray cardboard and other packaging materials.
2.It is widely used in carton packaging in different industries such as digital products, cosmetics, knitwear, food, toys, fruits, daily necessities, and medicines.

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Product Information:

Additional information

sample picture:

Encasing Speed
Box Quality Requirement
(according to customer request)
Box Dimension Range 
can customize according to  customer’s request
Compressed Air Working                           Pressure                                                                  
Air Consumption
Power Supply
380V 50Hz
Motor Power
Machine Dimension
Machine Weight
Optional featuresautomatic horizontal cartoning machine for foodother brand like SIMENS (inverter, PLC, touch screen)
Print batch number or date on carton box
Auto conveyor(can connect with other machine to be a packing line)
Auto display trouble, alarm and count finished product
Overload protection
Double suck system, more steady


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