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High speed automatic face mask cartoning machine

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Product Information:

Additional information

This machine can automatically complete manual folding, carton opening, article packing, batch number printing, and box sealing. This machine uses PLC to control the photoelectricity to monitor the action of each part. It automatically rejects unqualified items during operation. If there is an abnormality, it can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting. The machine can be used alone or combined with a blister packaging machine. Its hot melt device or other equipment is used in conjunction to form a complete production line

machine noise
Max.80 db
Packing speed
40-70 box/min
box size
L70-180 W35-80 mm (can be customized)
Paper box paper requirements
 Gray paperboard: 300-350g/m3
White cardboard : 250-350g/m3
Corrugated paper: Take the sample to confirm
220V 50 HZ 1.5 KW
Machine dimension
Machine weight

Machine Details:

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