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ST120 Cosmetic Cartoning and Box Packing Machine

The ST120 multi-function automatic carton packing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other related industries. It can pack blister, bottles, vials, tube, sachets, etc.

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Product Information:

Additional information

Sample picture:

Technical specifications:

Packing speed 30-100 boxes/min
Size of package L(70-220)mm× W(14-90)mm × H(14-65)mm (Special size can be customized)
Cardboard requirements for packages 250-350g/m²(up to the size of package)
Instruction Mass requirements 60-70g/m²
Size(unfolded) (80-250)mm X (90-170)mm
Size(folded) (1-4) fold
Motor power 1.5kw
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Maximum noise 80dB
Minimum Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Gas consumption 120-160L/min
Overall dimension L3100×W1100×H1900mm
Machine Weight 1500Kg

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