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automatic disposable mask gloves toilet soap tea bag box cartoning machine

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Product Information:

Additional information

Model No.
Product Name
Automatic Box Cartoning Machine
Air Consumption
5 kw
380/220V 50Hz
Machine Weight
1000 – 1500 kgs
Overall Dimension
(L)2800mm x (W)1500mm x (H)1650mm
Box Packing Speed
40-60 boxes/min.
Box Material
250-350g/m2 or corrugated cardboard
Box Size
L: 70-200mm; W: 40-160mm; H: 15-70mm
Can be customized according to your box shape and size

Please provide the following information for initial evaluation:

1. What’s the box shape and size?
2. Picture or video to show us how the product is placed in the box.
3. Do you need

single machine or need to be connected with conveyor of production line?
4. If need to be connected with conveyor of production line, what’s the coming speed of the product? How is the product delivered
on the conveyor? Provide us the picture or video is rather more helpful.
5. Any special products you want to pack with box, please go ahead to provide us the details, we can provide solution for you

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