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ST100 Automatic Horizontal Cartoner Machine

The device has a simple appearance and beautiful appearance. The overall external housing is made of 304 stainless steel. Each rotating part is covered by the housing, which will not cause harm to the human body.The whole frame adopts several pieces of welding after the whole processing molding, so it is not only simple and generous, and the strength and stiffness has been greatly improved.

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Product Information:

Additional information

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The horizontal automatic packing machine is a high-tech product integrating mechanical, electrical, gas and light.It is suitable for automatic packing of bubble wrap capsules, tablets, bubble wrap with aluminum-plastic packaging and similar articles.The working process is the delivery of the medicine plate or the article (one plate at a time, multiple plates can be adjusted);Transfer of drug instructions (1-4 folds automatically);The carton is formed and transferred automatically, and the folded instruction sheet is put into the carton at the same time;And the automatic completion of batch number, both ends of the paper tongue sealing complex packaging process.The machine can be connected with the blister packaging machine to form a packaging line (can add hot melt glue machine).

(3) Functions and features

1, PLC automatic control, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components are used in the international well-known electrical brands.

  1. Man-machine interface operating system is adopted.

  2. Automatic display of failure, packing speed and finished product count.

  3. Automatically detect the leakage and elimination of the charge plate and instruction manual.

  4. Stable performance, easy to understand operation.

  5. No product instruction, no paper box without instruction.

  6. When there is no product or the product supply is not in place, the machine idles and does not push the product. When the product is restored to supply, the machine will run automatically and stop automatically if the product is not in place.

  7. Automatic stop without carton and continuous automatic stop without instruction manual.

  8. Convenient to change different product specifications.

  9. Main drive has overload protection device.

  10. The machine can be used alone or in conjunction with blister packing machine and other equipment to form a complete production line.

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