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What should you pay attention when buying a packing machine?

Box packing machine is more and more popular in our life as it is very convenience.  So when buying a box packing machine, what factors should be paid attention to?  

1. Experience of suppliers: When selecting equipment, we should also consider the machine design and application experience of suppliers.  Make sure the supplier takes into account all your requirements, from space and budget constraints to packaging format and speed. 

 2, Machine design: design and structure of durable machine, can better resist external force and vibration, adapt to the harsh production environment.  So in the purchase of time to ensure that the packaging machine supplier is using high-quality parts.  

3, Reliability: buyers should also consider the supplier’s reputation in the industry, and whether his financial situation is stable.  Make sure the machine is installed and the vendor will be able to support and service you for years after

  4. Customization: Choose a supplier that can customize the packing machine according to your requirements, and make subtle changes to the design to meet your real needs.  Customization can be as simple as changing the size or replacing an electronic component, or as complex as redesigning an important part of the machine.  The supplier should be able to build the machine and should also have all the necessary experience and customisation capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution.  

5. Flexibility: Packaging requirements may change, both now and in the future.  So when choosing a packing machine, this point can not be ignored.  If you expect carton or product sizes to change in the future, make sure you buy a machine that can be adapted, or can handle different sizes of carton.  In addition, you need to make sure that the speed of the machine you are buying can meet your current and future speed needs. 

 6, the size of the machine: in the selection of suppliers, to see whether he can provide a variety of models of packing machine, so that you can easily find the model suitable for your packaging production line. for example ,If you buy the front product handling equipment with a lot space, you can buy a box packing machine with less space.  In short, look for several types of machines, compare them, and choose the best one that fits your factory’s size. 

 7, can be integrated with upstream and downstream equipment: the packing machine is generally located in the middle of the production line, to ensure that you buy the packing machine with upstream and downstream equipment connection and communication.  Because a production line also includes a variety of other machines, such as weighing machine, metal testing machine, upstream bagging and wrapping machine, and downstream packing machine and palletizing machine.  If you only buy one box packing machine, make sure your supplier knows how to integrate the production line.  

Box packing machine video for reference:


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