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What are the advantages of horizontal cartoning machine

The horizontal carton machine is a kind of packing machine. as the labor cost is higher and higher, and the price of the product is transparency . As a result, the profit of the product will be lower , so the automatic packaging machine will be popular. Compared with human tooling boxes,let us talk about its advantage.

1.The horizontal cartoning machine to reduce production cost.

Compared with manual mold boxes, automatic packaging machines can work without training.The production line only needs one or two people to take care of it, which effectively saves labor costs. And the automatic packaging machine works because it produced in large quantities. so the products produced are more in line with the standard and the difference is small.

2. The automatic horizontal cartoning machine has high production efficiency.

The machine can work continuously 24 hours a day. As long as it maintained regularly, it can produce as long as possible. It takes a fixed time for the automatic packaging machine to pack a piece of work. In a fixed time, the total amount of products that can be completed is also fixed. high and low. It is easier for businesses to calculate and control costs. In addition, the automatic packaging machine completes a packaging job in a fixed time.
3. The fully automatic horizontal packing machine has a high safety factor.

Manual cartoning is inevitable due to negligence and fatigue, and is prone to industrial accidents.while the automatic cartoning machine is used as a whole machine, with high repetitive operation accuracy, good stability, less personnel use, and strong safety. It can effectively prevent injuries to employees and help Enterprise safe

4. Multifunctional packaging operation

Various complex packaging work can be completed at the same time, the date batch printer and manual insertion device are optional, and the machine jog device makes the equipment move freely, which is convenient to adjust the packaging boxes of various specifications. We have a professional team to design a solution for you.

5. PLC control is very convenient.

Troubleshooting display device, easy to operate.PLC displays the packing speed and finished product quantity.PLC displays faults and stops and alarms.

Although the horizontal cartoning machine has many advantages.there are also some problems with improper operation. We still need to find a regular company, such as ST Machinery Co., Ltd. Both the machine and the service are guaranteed. We can provide an unpacking, packing, folding and sealing as a whole, which is suitable for various and multi-specification carton packaging machines. It can be used alone or connected with other equipment (such as weighing machine, filling machine, labeling machine, packaging machine, etc.) to form a matching production line.

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