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The benefits of box packing machine

Along with the development of The Times, artificial cost is higher and higher, the price of the product transparency is becoming more and more high, the result is the product of the profit will be more and more low, and automatic packing machine does not need training to work, has obvious advantages. Compared with human tooling boxes,let us talk about its advantage.

1.The automatic box packing machine reduce production costs;

  Compared with human tooling boxes, automatic packing machine does not need training to work, has obvious advantages  ,The production line only needs one or two people to watch, which effectively saves labor costs.  And the automatic packing machine work because it is mass production, so the production of products more in line with the standard, the difference is small.  

2, The production efficiency of automatic box packing machine is high.  

The machine can work continuously 24 hours a day, as long as regular maintenance is done, production can be as long as possible  ,It takes a fixed time for automatic packing machine to complete a piece of packing work, and within a fixed period, the total amount of products that can be completed is also fixed, not high and low. For enterprises, it is easier to calculate and control the cost.  In addition, the automatic packing machine takes a fixed time to complete a piece of packing work, and its efficiency is relatively improved, which can reduce the pressure of relevant staff, better management, make the work orderly, and create more profits for the enterprise.  

3, Automatic box packing machine safety factor is high.

 Human tooling box, unavoidably neglect and fatigue, prone to industrial accidents, and automatic box filling machine is the whole machine use, repeated operation of high accuracy, good stability, less use of personnel, strong security, can effectively prevent harm to staff, help enterprises safe and civilized production.

4. Multi-functional packing operation

 All kinds of complex packing work can be completed at the same time, date batch printer and manual insert device are optional,and The machine inching device makes the equipment can be moved freely, easy to adjust the boxes of various specifications. the machine can made according to customer’s requirement, We have a professional team to design your plan.

5.PLC control is very convenient.

 Troubleshooting display device, easy to operate; PLC automatically displays the boxing speed and finished product count,PLC automatically displays faults and stops and alarms   

Although the automatic box packing machine have many advantage, improper operation will also have some problems. We still need to find a regular company, such as ST Machinery Co.,Ltd, no matter the machine or service is guaranteed.  We can provides a box opening, loading, folding, sealing as one, suitable for a variety of, multi-specification carton packing machine.  It can be used alone or connected with other equipment (such as weighing machine, filling machine, labeling machine, packing machine, etc.) to form a complete set of production lines.  

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