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The working principle of the box packing machine

There are generally three inlet of the box loader: leaflet feeder, material feeder and  box feeder.  From the machine package box feeding machine to the packaging of the entire process, can be divided into four stages: a guide for open the box to hold and push board carton, at the same time, there are two can move forward for from the rising, from two directions stuck around the side of the carton, let the box open at right angles and move forward to the loading area.  After that, the machine’s tongue mechanism folds the ear into the left and right guide rails, and then closes the lid.  Before closing the lid, the mechanism bends the tongue of the carton. A push plate then bends the lid, allowing the tongue to slip into the box and keep the lock tight.  Closing the lid is a key action, the completion of good or bad with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of machine adjustment have a great relationship.  

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