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The difference between horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine

Today we will talk about the difference between horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine

Vertical cartoning machine advantage:light and beautiful, cover a small area, and the packing speed is very fast, generally can reach 100 ~ 180 pcs/ box, compared with horizontal packing machine, the vertical cartoning machine  has the advantages on some standard products, and the machine costs  is lower than the horizontal cartoning machine cost ,but on the market price it sell high price ,  the main reasons is the Vertical packing machine donnot have wide range compared with horizontal cartoning machine, and change the specifications horizontal packing machine is more convenient, horizontal cartoning machine now  widely usde in food, medicines, energy-saving lamps, cosmetic, metal industries such as application .by the way ,horizontal cartoning machine manufacturers are also more at the market ,so the price is more competitive , horizontal cartoning machine general have 100 and 120 model,  The prices are different and The top speed is also different. SO if you want to buy the box packing machine ,better send the final box and size to us ,and we will give you best advise,Believe in our profession!

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