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How to import Box packing machine from China

We often meet new customers who ask me how to import box packing machines from China. Now let me tell you the detailed import process .

1.First of all, you need to know the local customs clearance process and have the right to import.

If you don’t have import rights, you can go to a local trading company and ask them to import the goods for you . If you don’t know how to clear customs, you can also ask the local customs clearance company for help. Of course it costs you extra money, but I think it’s a good idea if you don’t know anything.

2.You need to find suppliers in China

Now the network is very developed, you can find suppliers through various platforms, but you must find professional suppliers with good service, most Chinese suppliers are very honest, for example  ST Machinery. Although each piece of machinery has different specifications, these principal factors will allow your organization to understand the quality before purchasing. This lessens the chance of any bad purchases with lower-quality equipment.

3.Sign the contract and arrange payment

When you have negotiated all the requirements with the supplier, you can ask the supplier to send you the contact ,which we called PI .  Once you’ve reviewed all the content, start making deposits to supplier.When the machine is finished, it usually inspects the machine by video or goes to the factory.

4.arrange shipment

If you have your own forwarder, you can book the container by yourself. If you don’t have a forwarder, you can ask the supplier to help book the container ,when the machine arrived your country port ,You need to do customs clearance and send the machine to your fatory.

5.install the machine and run the machine

When the machine comes to your factory, you can have the engineer set it up and run it.  If you encounter difficulties, you can ask the supplier for help, you can video instructions to set up the machine, run the machine. Because it is now the epidemic period, it is difficult for Chinese engineers to go abroad for installation and guidance. I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible and normal life can be restored   

ST Machinery are experts in quality assurance for machinery .

ST Machinery have rich experience with inspection services in industry-leading quality control, including machinery testing. Focusing on a wide range of services such as in-depth laboratory testing, functionality testing, and supplier audits to ensure all goods are of quality and comply with the regulatory body’s requirements.

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