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Box packing machine suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, household chemicals, hardware, and electrical industries for the packaging of blisters, bottles, vials, pillow packs, toothpaste, etc. The machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, healthcare industries. It can fold leaflets, open cartons, insert the products and leaflets into cartons, emboss, tuck-in, or hot-melt closures and automatically discharge cartons.

The box packing machine is equipped with a series of sensors and automatic protective devices to assure the machine runs safely and effectively. It can connect with a tube filling sealing machine, pillow packaging machine, shrink-wrapper, etc., to form a packaging line. It is the best choice for mass production.

Box packing machine is a packaging machine that can put the products into the carton automatically: open, load, close, and seal cartons. Cartoning machines are widely used for packaging bottled foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and can vary based on the scale of business- stainless steel machine body design, PLC control system.

It can run continuously and is suitable for the high-speed automatic packing of small packages. It includes the functions of carton erecting, leaflet folding, product inserting, carton sealing, and batch printing. The equipment has a high accuracy of transmission and excellent stability at high speed.

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