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The process of the horizontal cartoning machine

The whole process of automatic cartoning machine is roughly divided into five steps from folding to final packaging: lowering, opening, filling, gluing (inserting ears), and closing the lid. The lower carton action is to suck a carton from the press-folded carton conveyor, lower it to the carton loading plane, fix it by a rail jam and open the carton with a push plate, while two forward-moving push cards rise from below and jam the sides of the carton from front to back, so that the carton opens at a right angle and moves forward to the filling area. After pushing the filler into the carton, the machine seal inner tongue mechanism will fold in the left and right inner tongues of the carton, the cover closing mechanism will fold the upper and lower ears into the guide piece through the outer tongue sealing mechanism, the glue spraying machine will spray hot melt glue to the outer side of the inner tongue of the carton, the cover sealing mechanism will move and press down the top cover, completing the whole process of filling and sealing.

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