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Vertical Form Filling Sealing Automatic VFFS Packaging Machines for dry fruits / nuts

Fill free flowing grains, pulses, seeds, salt, tea ,coffee beans, maize,  nuts, candies, dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, snacks, pet food, namkeen, low weighing engineering products and many more.

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Product Information:

Additional information

Main features

1.Weight measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and bags counting can be done automatically.
2.Computer PLC control and automatic alarming function.
3. English and Chinese human-machine operation interface, it is easy to operate, high degree of automation.
4.High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, more accuracy.
5. Famous brand components, ensure the quality and durability of the machine.

Measuring Scope
Packing Speed
Bad Length
Bag Width
30-130 mm
Mesuring type
Volumetric cup measurement
Machine Weight
Sealing Style
Back seal, 4 side sealing, 3 side sealing
Total Power
200V, 50HZ, 1.2KVA (Customized acceptable)


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