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High speed folding machine

The instructions that are folded by the origami machine are sent by the horizontal paper clip to the paper chain.Adjust the horizontal feed clip and the chain on the base of the folding machine, making sure that the horizontal feed clip holds the instruction in the same position each time.

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Product Information:

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 The outer part of the paper folding machine is equipped with a safety cover, which covers the rotating and transmission parts of the paper folding machine, effectively protecting the safety of the operator.The paper folding machine is connected with the transmission part of the main engine through the clutch, and can be quickly separated from the main engine under abnormal working conditions, which has played a protective role on itself and the main engine, and effectively prevented the accidental damage of the machine.

  1. the description of the manual paper:

the quality of the paper should be between 70g/m2- 80g/m2 adhesive board printing paper.The direction of the paper in the folding machine should be the direction of the paper fiber, that is, the crease line should be vertical to the direction of the paper fiber.The fiber direction of the paper can be determined as follows: in the horizontal and vertical directions of the paper, a small hole is torn. The smooth direction of the tearing section is the direction of the fiber. The printing and production of the manual should be based on this.

In the printing process of the instruction manual, each printed instruction manual to add fine paper to prevent adhesion, but not too much so as not to pollute the origami machine inside.The cutting instructions should avoid using a blunt cutter to prevent the cutting edges from sticking together.The finished manual should be stored in the condition of: relative humidity 55-60%, temperature 20℃ or so in the environment, and every two thousand sheets of manual between the application of cardboard and pressure, to ensure that the storage surface is smooth, to prevent the phenomenon of difference plate.Special attention: before putting the instructions into the paper bin, the paper must be shaken into a loose state.

  1. technical parameters:

Maximum size of unfolded sheet: 260×180MM

Specification unfolded sheet minimum size: 130×100MM

Minimum folding width: 15MM

Fastest folding speed: 360 sheets/min

Paper quality: 70-80 g/m2

Power of the folding machine: the packing machine drives the folding machine through the chain



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