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High Speed Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine

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Product Information:

Additional information

The working principle of paper cup machine of our factory is driven by a main motor to work on the whole machine, realizing the perfect integration of chain and CAM structure. Now the machine uses a single aluminum plate instead of the previous three plate machine, so that the machine failure rate is greatly reduced, the training time of the operator is reduced. Can be customized 3-9oz single and double film paper cups according to customer requirements. Is a fully automatic paper cup forming equipment, through multi-row automatic paper feeding, paper anti-return device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic or copper welding, mechanical transfer of paper tube, oiling, punching bottom, folding bottom, preheating, kink, unloading cup and other continuous processes, can be stable production of various specifications of paper cups. Is my company independent research and development after comprehensive technical improvement to improve the stability of the whole machine paper cup equipment

Sample Cup:

Technical parameters:

 Production speed
70-90 pcs/min
380V/50hz three phase
Paper cup specifications
Machine package size
2150x1100x1750mm( L*W*H)
Paper stock
160-350g single /double PE lamination paper
Paper raw materials

Machine Details:


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