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Fully automatic horizontal pillow form fill seal packing machine

The series packing machine is a general model of the stable performance, widely used, wide range of packaging, which can realize the packing of the multiple items on one machine, high speed stable running, low rejection rate, long service life, widely used in pharmacy, chemical, food, daily industry, brings together the company many years of experience in packaging machine industry.

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Product Information:

Additional information

Sample picture:

Main performance and structural characteristics

(1) Japan Panasonic PLC programmable control system, touch screen man-machine interface, simple operation.  

(2) Color standard photoelectric automatic tracking, COMBINED with PLC control system, two-way compensation mechanism, at any time to correct the deviation, cutting position accurate.  

(3) Three servo system control, packaging length adjustment can be directly set on the touch screen, the program automatically adjust to the set length.  

(4) With positioning and parking function, can effectively prevent hot film when stopping.  

3、Main technical variables:

model ST-450
Film width 445mm
Bag length  60-320mm
Bag width  30-150mm
Product height  ≤110mm
Film roller diameter 450mm
speed  20-150pcs/min(Actual speed depends on customer product)
power  220V,50/60HZ,4KW
Machine size  4200*850*1420mm
Machine weight  680KG

Machine details:

  Middle seal + sponge exhaust device

 PLC display screen + switch




electric box







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